Overview of How to Do Water Changes

  1. Those changing leave paddle in the canoe, jump up and out of the canoe on the
    right side.
  2. At the same time Steersman maneuvers to pick up new paddles who
    will climb in on the left.
    • It helps to mark the canoe with tape so the incoming paddler/s know where to grab on to climb in.
  3. The crew in the canoe should continue paddling.
  4. Support boat will pick up paddlers who have exited the canoe.

Here is a clip of some members of He’e Nalu doing water changes at the 2017 Na Pali Challenge.

Various Methods to Get Into the Canoe from the Water

  1. Forward pull up
  2. Leg under seat for leverage
  3. Push inside hull of canoe at bow or stern with both legs
  4. Use of Huli strap
  5. Crewmate’s shoulder as a step
  6. If person is injured, you can pull him or her on board by using the huli rope under the arms of the injured person whose back is against the canoe

Method #1 and #2 could be used to enter the canoe when doing a water change.