Before You Paddle

Thank you for your interest in paddling with us! We hope to see you on the water soon, but there are a few things to do before we get you in the canoe.

1. Sign-up Contact us to get your name on the list of paddlers for a particular practice. BOCC members sign-up for practices and races using the TeamSnap app. For Guest Paddlers, please send us an e-mail at or call Cathy at (925) 575-0358.

2. Complete Waiver All Guest Paddlers must download and complete the BOCC Waiver. If you forget to bring it or are unable to print a hard copy, we should have extra BOCC Waivers at the club site.

3. HydrateMake sure you are well hydrated before coming to practice. On especially hot days, you should start hydrating the day before practice. Water, sports drinks with electrolytes, or coconut water are suggested.

4. EatMake sure you eat something healthy before practice.

5. Learn the Lingo You may want to review the particular words and phrases we use like the names for various parts of the canoe as well as the commands you may hear the Steersperson (Ho’okele) give while paddling. Don’t worry if you don’t remember everything!

6. Watch This Video If you’re new to outrigger canoe paddling or if you have not paddled in a while, please take some time to watch the video below that we recommend for beginner paddlers. You may also want to check out these other technique videos. Before we start paddling, we will give you a brief introductory lesson on land.

What to Bring

1. BOCC Waiver Bring a hard copy that you have printed out and completed. If you forget to bring it, we will have extras that you can fill-out and sign when you get to our club site. You can download the waiver here:

2. Activewear/Swimwear Wear clothing made from a polyester or Dry-FIT material. Don’t wear anything made from cotton or wool.

3. Water Shoes Slippers or sandals are not recommended because the boat ramp can be very slippery.

4. Life JacketAdults may wear a personal flotation device (PFD), especially if you’re not a strong swimmer. However, it is mandatory that all minors must wear a PFD while paddling. Each canoe will have a basic orange PDF for each paddler on board. If you don’t have your own PDF, you may borrow one from the club.

5. Waterproof Case/PouchYou can use this to keep your phone or car keys safe.

6. Hat – You may bring a hat, especially on a sunny day. However, keep in mind that the wind has caused many hats to be blown off and lost.

7. Towel Expect to be splashed or get wet from a wave–this is a water sport, after all!

8. Extra change of clothes If you have a long way to travel to go home, you may want to bring extra clothes to change into after practice.

9. WaterYou may bring a bottle of water with you in the canoe, or you could also wear a hydration pack.

10. SunscreenApply sunscreen before paddling during the day.


There is no charge for your first paddle with us. In fact, you have a whole month free of charge to join our practices and see if you wish to become a member.

Our club membership fee is $120 per year starting March 1st. That’s only $10 a month! If you join in the middle of the year, you will only be charged for the remaining months until the next March.

Keiki Paddlers

Children and teenage minors are welcome to paddle with us if their parent or guardian accompanies them in the canoe and if the water conditions are safe for children to paddle.

Unfortunately, we do not have a specific keiki program for our young paddlers at this time. Hopefully, we can soon restart this after school program which is usually held in the spring and summer months.