Parts of the Canoe & Paddle

The image above is from the Kihei Canoe Club.

Wa’aGeneral word for “Canoe”
Wa’a KaukahiSingle hull canoe with one outrigger
AmaOutrigger float
‘IakoWooden boom that connects the main hull of the canoe to the ama
MukuThe end of the ‘iako on the right side of the canoe
‘AhaRope, cord
Kaula LikiniRigging; lashings
Kino/Ka’eleHull; “body” of the canoe
WaeSpreaders on which the ‘iakos are attached to the hull
Ihu Wa’aBow (front end of the canoe)
Manu IhuNose, forward piece of the canoe
Pale KaiSplash guard to divert waves from going into the canoe; don’t hold when you are moving or lifting the canoe
Hope Wa’aStern (back end of the canoe)
Manu HopeTail, aft piece of the canoe
PōheoheoT-grip knob at the top of the paddle
Image from Pa’a Pono Miloli’i