April 2021 News

April News

Aloha BOCC Members! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the running lights have been put away–spring is definitely here! That means watching the sunset at weekday practices, applying extra sunscreen, and don’t forget to hydrate.

On March 27 and April 4, we participated in the Spring Fever Virtual Race. The registration fees went towards the NCOCA Sunshine Fund to support clubs in need. Congratulations to all our crews! Check out the results on Webscorer.
1. Madeleine Budde (6 mile Wahine Master 60 OC1, 1:15:39) – First Place
2. Jim Budde (3 mile Kane Master 70 OC2, 31:45) – First Place
3. Glen Cove Gals: Bev, Jan, CJ, Jen, Vanessa, Cathy (6 mile Wahine OC6, 1:10:00) – First Place
4. Carquinez Cowboys: Matt, Bob, Neil, Avi, Shaurya, John (6 mile Kane OC6, 1:02:00)
5. Hit or Miss: Sean, Tony, Ashley, Steve, Trish, Vance (6 mile Coed OC6, 1:03:47)
6. Half & Half: Karl, Bev, Patricia, Britte, Dorothy, Sean (6 mile Coed OC6, 1:03:49)
7. Bogo’s: Bob, Jan, Ashley, Tony, Mikiko, Vance (6 mile Coed OC6, 1:11:26)
This once annual BOCC event will be returning this year! The full course is 26 miles starting from Kennedy Park in Napa to our club site in Benicia. If you don’t want to paddle the entire distance, we will stop at the Vallejo Marina to swap people out. For more info about the 2021 Napa River Paddle, check out our website’s Events section.
It is tradition to sing Hawai’i Aloha at regattas, long distance races, and NCOCA meetings. Hopefully, we will begin to learn this popular mele at practices. Click here to view the lyrics, translation, ukulele chords, and a few videos. Also, you may want to check out the other Na Mele Oli we may use throughout the year.
Modified Practice
In addition to our regular practice on Saturdays, paddlers will have the option of joining a Modified Practice which is a scaled down version for new paddlers, returning paddlers, or those who want a less intensive workout. Modified Practices will include:

Additional instruction and review of paddling technique
Drills and technique practices for shorter pieces
More rest stops
Beginning conditioning
Hands-on steering experience for those who want to learn how to steer

Paddlers who wish to attend these less strenuous practices need to sign-up on TeamSnap for the specific Modified Practice event which is separate from the regular Open Adult Practice event on Saturdays. Modified Practice crews will launch and return at the same time as the other crews, so meet at the club site at 9:00 AM.