COVID-19 Safety Procedures

1. Sign-in when you arrive on the sheet on the table or in the shed if it is too windy.
2. No more mailbox for key & personal item storage for now. Please stow your keys and/or cell phone in a waterproof bag on you or use a hide-a-key etc.
3. Club owned or lender paddles need to be wiped them down with sanitizer before and after use.
4. Once you are assigned a seat stow your gear close by you. At the end of practice each person will remove their own paddle, water bottle, windbreaker etc. themselves and put them either off to the side or take up to their car – then come back for the chant.
5. The gear that will go back in the shed will be the club owned paddles, huli ropes, lifejackets, & safety buckets. The cart and fender will get locked to a pole outside the shed.
6. We want to have only one person in the shed at a time. Just wait until the person comes out before going in.
7. We will have the handwashing, sanitizer station set up at each practice. Once you sign-in with your steersperson and new paddlers fill out a wavier if needed, sanitize your hands before practice and at the end of each practice. Or anytime you feel you would like to wash up. Some may have this good habit already and carry sanitizer in their cars to use before and after they go to a function.
8. Start of practice: gather in a larger circle than usual out by the canoes so we can talk and plan our practice, set seats in the canoe.
9. We will have to skip then Hawaiian custom of all putting energy into the canoe and going down to launch together. Instead we will launch one canoe at a time. The first crew’s 6 paddlers will go down to the water holding on at their stations, see safety plan below. Take your time when putting the cart under the canoe so not to hurting anyone’s back. One canoe at a time goes down to launch. We will only have 6 down at the dock, or 7 if a person comes down to bring the cart back for the next canoe. This is to help keep our social distancing and to be considerate of other public also using the ramp. The first crew will then get underway. The 2nd crew will then go down, launch and lock up the cart. Both canoes will join up for practice together on the water. Coming back in, we will come in one canoe at a time too. Wait, off shore, until the first canoe has gone up the ramp before the 2nd canoe docks.
10. Look for red tape marks at 6 foot intervals, IE. position stations, while moving/lifting canoes: one person at the bow, one at the stern, two at each iakos; one at the ama & one at the non-ama side.
11. At the end of practice after any coaching comments, appreciations, announcements, the chant can be lead in a large circle – then at the end just throw your arms up to release all that great energy we created on the water together.

Safety Plan & Seat Assignments

Seat #1
Set-upDistribute huli rope, safety bucket and life vests from shed to their canoe
Loading Canoe on Cartlifts bow of canoe
Launchinglifts bow of canoe

Seat #2
Set-upchecks the rigging
Loading Canoe on Cartlifts from front spray guard area
Launchinglift stay by seat 1

Seat #3
Set-upchecks & secures bailers and bucket
Loading Canoe on Cartlifts from seat 2
Launchinglift from in front of seat 2

Seat #4
Set-upRemoves and stows iako covers
Loading Canoe on Cartlifts from front iako, ama side
Launchinglift from front iako, ama side

Seat #5
Set-upget the cart and the fender
Loading Canoe on Cartplaces cart under canoe
Launchingretrieve cart

Seat #6
Set-upSafety Oversight and explain seat duties
Loading Cart on CanoeSupervision and fills in lifting
LaunchingSupervision and fills in lifting