After Practice

After your canoe returns to the 9th Street Boat Ramp,

  1. Your Steersperson will invite you to express your Mahalo for a safe return after practice
  2. The Steersperson will tell each paddler when to exit the canoe
  3. At least one paddler should stay with the canoe
  4. 1 or 2 paddlers from the first canoe to reach the boat ramp should unlock the bumper and cart
  5. Assist your crew in bringing your canoe up (you may be asked to help other crews bring up their canoes)
    • Roll the canoe on the bumper
    • While maintaining social distance, lift the canoe from the end towards the boat ramp
    • While the end is lifted, someone places the cart under the canoe (about mid-ama; depending on the canoe, between the “R” and “C”)
    • Two people lift the ama
    • Push the canoe forward
  6. Put the PFDs, huli rope, safety bucket, and running lights (if used) back in the shed
  7. If you borrowed a club paddle, please rinse it and place it back in the shed
  8. In conformity with our COVID-19 Protocol, only remove your own paddle from the canoe
  9. Gather in a large circle while maintaining social distance
  10. Any final notes, reminders, or announcements are given
  11. Our Club Oli is chanted
  12. On some days, this may be followed by work party on the club site